re: more teen monkeys

From: ef (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 09:48:57 PST

>oh good, that let's me off the hook for now.
>but, seeing as i have an old wheezing mac that's past its use-by date
>(no FPU) i can't have any RA here.

are you sure? have you checked out the page i suggested for jy? if not on
that particular page, onanother. i know there are older versions of the
player for mac too.

secondly, exactly what mac do you have? and how much ram etc? there may be
software you can use to have fpu... i can help with that.

>i tell you what though, i want to put in an order for both ef and karry cds
>sound unheard, especially at ef's cheapo prices mentioned.
>international money order/postal giro ok?

heh... sure! send me address, i will send mine. (see, chris? :-))

>deal is, if i don't like it though, i may have to say so.

heh... if no like, makes attractive coaster.

>but then, taste is a personal thing, for example,
>i don't like country music either,
>or reggae, or salsa, so if there is any hint of any of that, well,
>hahahahahah haha, don't send me the things after all.

i like all kinds of music. if i happen to like that particular piece, that is.

country? well, george jones got soul, he does. and i heard a woman
recently, except i don't remember her name, someone playing a cd it was, a
recent release. she was just wailing away, it was pure country, very retro
traditional in a way. kinda country blues. i loved it. she had soul too.

regaae? i love dub, always have. the best rhythm sections, the best! talk
about feel.

salsa? well, to dance to, maybe not to listen to, just to let it move your
butt. it's fun.

what i am trying to say is that music is not neccessarily an intellectual
excercise. i like music that is... sensual, in some way.

i also like blues an awful lot. always have, always will. and r&b. and
gospel. james brown, aretha, etta james, all that stuff. and other singers
i admire very much are spanish gypsy singers. they are incredible, so
human. feel, soul, human experience, that's what i like. i hear that stuff
and i get happy. don't know why. cause it's cathartic, i guess. it turns
you insideout.

and tom waits too, obviously :-)

and yes, i am much much weirder than any of those people. but that is where
it comes from, music, for me. your guts, your abdomen, your silly slimy
twisty intestines. blood. your arrogance and your compassion. your
animality and your humanity.


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