From: ef (
Date: Thu May 27 1999 - 14:02:35 PDT

i have this vague chance of getting a grant to travel to transylvania in
order to find the family of the man who saved my fathers life during the
war. it would be kinda like travelling into the middleages... tiny
hungarian village in the mountains, in the middle of romania. people still
travel in oxcarts there, from what i am told. they are also very poor.

so that's what i am working on, trying to write up what i wanna do, cause a
gallery wants to apply for me to do this. you know, and video it and write
it up and stuff. cd-rom it. (i can hear jy fuming... shut up jy, you bat)

you know... it's kinda like trying to find roots or something... seeing as
i have none. i mean it was pivotal, him saving my father. maybe i can save
someone else in return or something. or just bring chocolate. this latest
no joke, i am told that if i go to bring flour and sugar, staples. life is
hard thereabouts.


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