Re: grant

From: karry (
Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 19:55:23 PDT

>>i have this vague chance of getting a grant to travel to transylvania in
>>order to find the family of the man who saved my fathers life during the
>>war. it would be kinda like travelling into the middleages... tiny
>>hungarian village in the mountains, in the middle of romania. people
>>still travel in oxcarts there, from what i am told. they are also very
>You so rock. This would be amazing. It's really awesome that you are
>even seriously thinking about doing it. I live vicariously through people
>like you, who actually might have half of a ball (ovary?). I mean, hard
>core gumption. I deeply admire your willingness to do something like

i admire your willingness, too.


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