my cd-writer

From: ef (
Date: Wed Jul 14 1999 - 14:51:32 PDT

i just found out my cd-writer is screwed up. so if i sent you a cd
that really sounded weird (and you were too embarrassed to say so
cause you thought maybe it was meant to have a grinding noise through
the whole thing, like, you thought maybe i meant it to be an
art-statement or something) that is why. see, i was too lazy to test
them... grrr. and i did, yesterday. i played one of the cds i made.
ayayay!!!! holy shit!!!

anyways, tell me if that is the case. i am having the writer replaced
so i will make you another one.

on another note, i had my very first rehearsal with a hungarian
gypsy. he plays the cimbalom, which is like a piano without the keys,
you hammer the strings. also, there will be a violinist and a standup
bassist. the violinist and bassist are gypsies from slovakia, so i
will learn a slovakian tune to sing too so as to make them happy. i
will have to sing it in slovakian, which should be interesting huh.

some hungarian tunes, a slovakian gypsy tune,and some of my tunes, in
english. to play at a festival, kinda a large,
anarchoid/leftish/alternative to which i have been invited to play
cause of my iconic stature. i ain't joking, that's what they
said.they said i was, like, an icon. hahaha.

so then i thought, what better to confuse them with than some
ethno-dada. accompanied by middleaged gentlemen with moustaches. oke,
so only one has a moustache. the violinist. he is sixty-two and kinda
forgetful these days, according to rudi the cimbalom player. he says,
well, you gotta be on your toes cause he forgets what key he is
supposed to play in. he just starts up in something arbitrary so then
you better follow along, rudi says.

rudi likes bartok! he taught me a song that was recorded/collected by
bartok from the hungarian countryside! cool huh.


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