gypsy fire

From: ef (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 01:03:43 PDT

so i am supposed to play this gig on aug 8, got invited, a music fest
of a political bent, oh yah, leftist anarchoid kinda, anyways, i said
sure, well i've been talking to these hungarian gypsy musician types
about hungarian stuff so how about that and they said, yah cool, do
that, and got all kindsa exceited as did i since i have really been
thinking about doing that, the hungarian that, so then i talked to
the hungarian gypsy band who do call themselves gypsy fire and thus
the subject up on top of this here mail and they said sure that
sounds great, that is, their leader, the cimbalom player said all
that and we also had ourselves a little listen to potentialities,
both hungarian and mine, in english, think we will mix it up a tad,
anyways, all was swell, i talked to david the accordionist who took
time off from feeling like shit from aids to feel better cause he
likes to play, and hell we have been playing together for seemingly
years now, he was only hiv+ when we started, actually.

yes, so that's what happened, the posters went up, ef fischer
and gypsy fire, they said, posters, promo, newspaper thingies.

so then a halfhour ago rudi the cimbalomist calls and says well, i
made a tape for the guys of the english stuff and the violinist
freaked out and said it was too hard and that he couldn't and
wouldn't, and won't, the violinist being 62 some years old and well,
actually, not a very goood violinist, seeing as, rudi says, he
forgets everything even at times what key he is playing in, so then,
rudi says, he starts off a tune in some wrong key and all you can do
is to sigh and try to follow, anways, the point being that the
violinist is no great loss as far as this gig goes but, and here is
the crux, with him goes the standup bassist who speak not a word of
english nor hungarian i might add as he is a slovakian gypsy and the
violinist who is a hungarian living in slovakian gypsy, back when he
was a living in slovakian hungarian gypsy, that is, is the only
person that can communicate with him and also cause he lives in
surrey bc the same as the violinist and the violinist drives him

i am trying to figure out how to overcome this problem, the bassist
one cause i would like him to play since he is real good, feels good,
i mean the way he plays feels good and not him personally since i
have never felt him, personally, i mean even tho there was a time in
my life when i liked feeling bassists but that was a long time ago
and i am over that now.

so then i thought we should also add andreas the german percussionist
who plays claypots and such, now that 2/3 of gypsy fire lies
smoldering if not mouldering, seeing as andreas does do neat things
with the claypots except when they break which they do sometimes if
you bang them wrong according to andreas, well, i thought maybe he
would fit in tho he is terribly germanically polite and not very
gypsyish fireish.

well, that's the story so far. a bit of a problem.


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