Re: truths

From: John (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 10:17:03 PST

There's a word for meaning the opposite of what you're
saying, you know, like telling a friend who's been fucking
your sheep, that's the ugliest haircut a human every suffered,
or a bedmate who's cut you off, I'll never love anyone the way
I do you.

And the word you tell your daughter when her biopsy is
the worst news ever, or the skeleton in the hospice, hey,
remember we survived the Andes, or what strangers say
looking down at you on the subway platform, are you
acting studio or what.

Lawyers in my experience rank with pasty docs in greens
in not trying to conceal their smirk at telling you it's over,
you've screwed yourself, don't fantasy forgiveness, get a
life-lift, she's gone for good, is that melanoma or lipstick

Some people look right through, don't speak a word,
you stick you hand out to shake and it's as if you're
transparent, don't show on their radar, your keys
is all they register, a silent alarm goes off, they
touch pocket or dig purse to double check they've
not locked themselves out.

I tell you if you ever forget your keys when you
go off to cheat there's always someone who'll
take your place as if deep inside you finally got
the message you bounced off others.

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