Re: truths

From: John (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 17:49:53 PST

No question about it, Steve, you are one emotionally manipulative
son of a bitch. And need shooting. Wait, that would be too good
for you. You should talk to a mirror until it cries for mercy. Then
have your brain removed, stomped to pudding and flushed in
the toilet.

You are a sneak priest, a wrecker of dreams, a supercilious

If you weren't talented despite what you think you think, why
I'd like to bodysnatch you, poke you full of tubes and after
draining your psycho-puke for the pus museum, embalm
you with Dr. Pepper and peanuts. Strap you to a paint can
vibrator till you were ready to blow, then hit the release and
ICBM you to a dacha sanitarium outside Kiev where the
germ warfare lab is begging for bugshit nutrients.

Steve wrote:

>And having others identify them with it. And shame them for it.

This is the evilest twin sentences ever written. A blueprint for
a torture church, voodoo temple for killchild parents.

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