Re: truths

From: Steve (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 21:30:17 PST

> > So while I don't want to impugn your artistic praxis, I find it
> > see your writing as jy-like, that is, as characterized by a predominant
> > characteristic of purposefully playing with the interpenetrability of
> > rhetorical modalities in the interface between fictional and
> > discourse.
>>Mark, in whose mind does this summation and comparison reside?

> mark's i would think. mine too, for that matter.

good, because I can't think of anybody other than Mark himself who has
referred to my writing was "jy-like." And then refuted the connection as if
it was somebody else's idea. Why the comparison? Where'd that come from?

Fiction and non fiction intermingle at all levels. The distinction can be
drawn at whatever intellectualized existential plane anyone wants to gas
over. I'd rather just listen to Canela write than haggle over whether it is
or is not classifiable as "fictions" because I already accept it as REAL.
And I get that from the power of the voice and the degree to which that
voice allows me to feel like I am *that* person. Identification is far more
important than the devices of either invention or reportage. Identification
is an intuitive fiction, itself. I can feel identification by watching blobs
of light on a piece of cloth in two dimensions in a movie theater. And I can
get it from every person who writes here. The I am not-other than.

As far as "exploring the interstice" goes, fine. Just bring me along with
you. From a practical standpoint you'll need to maintain my reader
identification (and interest), and that's a knotty problem if your intention
is to betray my trust for the sake of a device.

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