Re: what I'm doing lately

From: ef (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 08:50:51 PST

>I watched that Jim Jarmusch film, Stranger Than Paradise, the other night.
>I kept on thinking of you, e. Not just the Hungarian thematics, but the
>sort of existentially fraught, laconic, casually frank yet secretly
>mindful, Jack Kerouac-type thing. But Laurie was asleep, Benjamin was
>asleep, Harry was asleep, and for a little while, when the characters in
>the film were in Florida, I was asleep, too. When I awoke, the money had
>already been found; the denoument was at hand. Jarmusch would be laughing
>his ass off. Somnolent cinematography for a somnolent boy.

hahaha! i *loved* that movie! had to watch it twiceover right away.

i watched it with my nowdead cousin the judi, also hungarian, in
fact, she got so hungarian that she ended up moving to budapest even
tho she spoke no hungarian. not like me, who speaks but has no
interest in further indulgences of a moving nature.

judy was much like ester in that movie. laconic drywit, she was. not
only that but she even looked like that woman. and her mother vali
who lives here... well, she would always rope us into playing, yes,
canasta. judi and all her weirdartist friends... first she would feed
us and then she'd make us play cards.

but judi died. and us, we don't visit vali anymore. her pain is too
much to bear; we don't have the strength.

i love that movie, stranger than paradise.


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