Re: hungary

From: ef (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 19:00:23 PDT

>do it.

<e sings an inspirational r&b ditty>

>>Yeah. It's better than anything. Anything at all. I'm for it.

i'm doubly for it. or would that be, i'm four it. hahaha.

>>isn't that exciting? i sure sure could use an adventure and a miracle-ing.

am trying. i need to have a couple of things in place tho... such as
enough money... and enough left over so i can do the actual project i
got the grant for. i mean if i spend everything on the trip so as i
cannot do the thing itself, i shall be in deep doodoo

so i need to be organized. me. the paragon of unorganizationability.

>the dog can go too? and stuff like that.

dunno if the dog can go yet. what if he would have to sit his
melancholic butt in quarantine for six months or something. he'd go
nuts. he is way too attached to me.

the ex-room-mate-lora could take care of him if the need arises. he
kinda likes her. she lets him hang out on the sofa where he happily
sleepfarts for hours.


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