more hungary, well, actually roumania

From: ef (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 00:57:16 PDT

i have been researching the county in transylvania where i am going.
hopefully. very nice folk costumes thereabouts. here is a map (the
village is zagon... all the names on this map are in romanian; the
romanian gov't is trying very hard to erase hungarian culture in the

transylvania (erdely), the oldest part of hungary is the size of
present day hungary. so it's pretty big, tho not big in our terms.
the area where i plan to go is a small part of that, the oldest part.

i am learning things; net research, ya know.

the nearest town in called sepsiszentgyorgy. that's its hungarian
name. it's got a net provider!

seems to be the same guy who also designed everyone of the region's
webpages that i could come up with. also is the same guy who designed
the local art org's pages. in which he also appears as a performer at
a performance art fest. osmosing with a tree, seemingly.

so emailed him.

then i found the pages of the city council. yes, made by the same
guy. i looked at the names on the city council. mayor,
councilpersons, etc. he is not one of them. whew.

so i emailed the mayor. why the fuck not.

will know on tuesday whether i have the money to go. but i reserved a
ticket to hungary cause i am being optimystic. why the fuck not.


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