RE: more hungary, well, actually roumania

From: ef (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 09:06:03 PDT

>why the fuck not indeed. do me a favor and see what they're telling the
>hungarian kids in romania about being hungarian or romanian or whatever. I
>think I may get to go visit next summer. and yes, you will get the money, I
>feel it, like the thump thump galump of a good horse coming through ...

oh cool bill! i'll make you some instant friends to visit! and if you
like, a correspondent who is your equivalent there, someone involved
in education. would you like that?

i just got my first reply to the emails i sent. it's from almos
albert. i am checking to see who almos albert is, right now.

wheee! it's the mayor himself, haha!! he says he doesn't speak
english very well so he is writing back in hungarian. he says he is
totally happy to help me. wow.

okay, now i will reply to almos albert, in hungarian, albert almos. i
will write in hungarian. in hungarian, for some reason, i am always
totally humourous. that's the way the words come together for me, in

heh... this is all so exciting, huh


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