leaving on tuesday

From: ef (ef@somewhere.net)
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 10:58:37 PDT

yes indeedy... i'm off on tuesday... one night in amsterdam, then
onto hungary. my friends there have already started organizing the
trip to transylvania... and me too, i have been busy, emailing
anything from the area... besides the almosalbert-mayor, i now have
offer of help from local artist collective... which seems to consist
of two people but boy are they nice... and excited that i would come
all that way... they have already made enquiries about konyantal, and
have found a few distant relatives and the fact that he had "married
into another village called nagylak" as they said... so i will go
there too, i suppose...

the area where these villages are within transylvania is called
covasna, or haromszek in hungarian... last night i checked a few nets
on irc and found a channel called covasna... so i logged on there...
a few people... in romanian... when i asked for info in english
someone complained "talk romanian"... but then one of the people
messaged me... started talking with him... after a few minutes of
painfully bad english it turned out that he was actually, ironically,
hungarian... couldn't speak hungarian on channel

so then he says, so what do you know about this place. and i said,
well, one of the things i know is that it is very poor. he said,
wrong. you're wrong about that. he said, it is not very poor, it is
very VERY veryvery poor. then he asked if i would visit him too.

a young guy, 20, student. wants to go to university next year to
study "informatika". information technology. i said, there is a
future in that. yeah, maybe, he said.

maybe i'll visit him too, what the hell.

and oh, btw... i will have email, courtesy of our deity the st.
david, so i will be in contact and posting and reading and
everything! i wish i had a laptop but i can't afford stuff like that.
i also wish i could afford a new computer cause then i could maybe
give this one to someone over there. you know, transylvanians, or
maybe one of my gypsy friends in budapest. they too are very VERY
veryvery poor. i wish that all poorpeople had computers and internet
everywhere. cause word gets out that way, you know.


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