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Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 05:34:54 PDT

Bon Voyage...


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> yes indeedy... i'm off on tuesday... one night in amsterdam, then
> onto hungary. my friends there have already started organizing the
> trip to transylvania... and me too, i have been busy, emailing
> anything from the area... besides the almosalbert-mayor, i now have
> offer of help from local artist collective... which seems to consist
> of two people but boy are they nice... and excited that i would come
> all that way... they have already made enquiries about konyantal, and
> have found a few distant relatives and the fact that he had "married
> into another village called nagylak" as they said... so i will go
> there too, i suppose...
> the area where these villages are within transylvania is called
> covasna, or haromszek in hungarian... last night i checked a few nets
> on irc and found a channel called covasna... so i logged on there...
> a few people... in romanian... when i asked for info in english
> someone complained "talk romanian"... but then one of the people
> messaged me... started talking with him... after a few minutes of
> painfully bad english it turned out that he was actually, ironically,
> hungarian... couldn't speak hungarian on channel
> so then he says, so what do you know about this place. and i said,
> well, one of the things i know is that it is very poor. he said,
> wrong. you're wrong about that. he said, it is not very poor, it is
> very VERY veryvery poor. then he asked if i would visit him too.
> a young guy, 20, student. wants to go to university next year to
> study "informatika". information technology. i said, there is a
> future in that. yeah, maybe, he said.
> maybe i'll visit him too, what the hell.
> and oh, btw... i will have email, courtesy of our deity the st.
> david, so i will be in contact and posting and reading and
> everything! i wish i had a laptop but i can't afford stuff like that.
> i also wish i could afford a new computer cause then i could maybe
> give this one to someone over there. you know, transylvanians, or
> maybe one of my gypsy friends in budapest. they too are very VERY
> veryvery poor. i wish that all poorpeople had computers and internet
> everywhere. cause word gets out that way, you know.
> -e

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