Re: vasarhely

From: Canela (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 19:08:36 PDT

> tellme tellme tellme... what should i do

Give them a job, ef. Tell them to make artwork and send it to you
-- especially the children. Tell them you need it for your internet
work. Say people in North America pay good money for all things
internet. This is no lie. Tell them to write their stories, or have
someone write them. Say the internet is a good place for that, too. Then
give them a paycheck for their work. As much as you can afford, as much
as you can drum up. They are proud people, they earn, they do not accept
charity. Give them pride and opportunity.

The boy, your special boy, gyuszi I think, you must teach to find his
talent. If he can draw, tell him about how drawings can tell stories,
and that you will send him yours, with envelopes pre-stamped back to
Canada. Keep him with you -- photos, dried flowers, whatever. Help him
to continue to explore. He already knows he has been touched, and that
is special. He will not forget. Now give him room, yes, to blossom.



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