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Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 17:27:22 PDT

Quoting ef <>:

> Quoting Juliet <>:
> > ef, is it possible to set up something--a
> bank
> > account,
> > a person you trust as an intermediary--in order to
> get
> > money
> > to this family is some safe way? I would be happy to
> > give
> > money every month and I think others on fishbreath would
> be
> > too--even a small amount can make a difference--what
> > would
> > 100 bucks a month mean to this family? Enough to
> help
> > in a substantial way? That could be easily raised
> > between
> > a few people. You have a sense of the
> > situation--goddamn
> > if corporations can move huge amounts of money
> around
> > the globe, then surely some money can make it
> between
> > here and there.

 juliet, thanks for your concern but for this family,
 that wont work at all. for one, it would totally make
 them dependent on charity... some families like
 them... and oh there are so many... already are. some
 treat it like a business, unfortunately.

 i am attempting some help for them through different
 avenues. such as i have set up something with the
 pastor of the little church around the corner from
 them in order for the children to learn to read and
 write. the pastor is noemi, a woman, young, and she
 used to be a teacher. she is very kind, and will also
 be looking in on them. i have spent as much time as i
 was able trying to instil this neccessity for
 learning. i may have been successful... time will

 also, i have sent to them an american who distributes
 clothing and food, if there is a need. i mean, i
 talked to him at length and he promised to go. he
 already visits another family in that courtyard.

 i will also be writing them letters, with a page for
 each child, so as none will feel left out. this way
 they will be forced to seek out noemi in order to know
 what is in the letters. noemi said that she will also
 be enticing them into her home with sweets and such.

 now that i am back in budapest, i will be speaking to
 attila, my gypsy friend here. and his wife, who is a
 social worker. we.ll try to figure out more stuff.
 like, if we need to get some of the children out of
 there and how to do that.

 i didnt tell you that the mother beats them with a
 belt. the chidren ask if children are beaten in
 america. i say, no. but i also say, your mother is
 just tired.

she does not beat them hard... and she is very tired
 all the time. too young, and she neither reads or
 writes, much a child herself. she too is

 on the bus back to budapest, i sat with a young gypsy
 woman, of a caste higher than the gabor family. oh
 yes, there are castes among gypsies. she wore
 traditional clothing and had much gold jewellery.
 plump and very pretty. she had her two little
 daughters with her... they too were very pretty, and
 very cared for. their mother was always looking over
 to see if they needed anything... we talked for a
 while. the little girls were doing well in school. she
 was very proud of her children. the hungarian man
 across from us also talked to her, disrespectfully i
 thought. he even told a gypsy joke. doesnt that bother
 you, i asked. nah, she laughed. i know who i am. i am
 proud of my people. they talk like that only cause
 they are jealous. heh, i gotta remember that one, i


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