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From: ef (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 17:36:52 PDT

> > Quoting Juliet <>:
> >
> > > ef, is it possible to set up something--a
> > bank
> > > account,
> > > a person you trust as an intermediary--in order to
> > get
> > > money
> > > to this family is some safe way? I would be happy
> to
> > > give
> >

  as i said, this would not work for this family. but
would very much work for the Starving Transylvanian
Artist. he too has children, two of them. about to
 have heat and light shut off, phone gone already.

before i left sepsiszentgyogy, i talked him into
setting up a bank account. that is the safest way to
get anything to him... anything other, and chances are
good the money will be stolen before it gets there.
be aware tho, that a bank transfer like that costs...

lora deposited 50 bucks for him and the bank took 15
of that. but what the hell, even 35 is a lot there...
why its half his monthly salary

so... any of you... if you have a little bit to
spare. anything, even 10 bucks... do a bank transfer through
your bank to this account:

  bank: Romanian Bank for Development
  Str. 1 Decembre 1918
  Sf. Gheorghe

  Cod. Swift: BRDEROBU

  For: Konya Augustin

  Account Number: 2511002 96058173

 this would be a one time thing only, to get him out of
 the hole and through the winter. i would thank you very much, he is a kind a deserving person.

 subsequently, when i get back home, i am going to
 attempt to get one of the local artist centres
 interested in his plight. maybe they can stop staring
 up eachothers nostrils long enough to actually do


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