write me stuff

From: ef (ef@somewhere.net)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 02:27:42 PDT

so write me stuff... i`m kinda losing hope here... i have changed my stay in amsterdam to three days instead of a week cause i think i will take that fucking 12 hour bustrip to vasarhely yetagain... give myself another couple of days in trying to instil some hope into the situation... or at least one more happy day for gyuszi and janoska.

no, the oldest boy did not show up for the schoolhelp i had arranged for him. so i gotta check that too, gotta ask him why.

and i have to talk to noemi at the little church too. some gypsies broke into the church and stole all the building tools and materials.

so i guess i have to go back, huh. cause it just ain`t there yet. or finished, if that is what it has to be.

write me stuff.


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