amsterdam again

From: ef (
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 03:08:31 PDT

well, i'm back in amsterdam... had to be at the b-pest airport at 4am... my friend kinga said, sleep a little i'll wake you but then she got so exalted at the hungarian canoe olympicgoldwin that she fell asleep herself -sated as she was- and forgot to wake up in time to wake me up so i ended up doing the 15 mile dash to the airport barely making the plane which, had i missed it, would also have made me miss the plane to vancouver on tuesday cause this was the last ticket i could have outta budapest before the 3rd and you do do know that next tuesday is the 2nd, doncha. or at least i think it is.

but hell, here i indeed am in amsterdam again, 1 1/2hr sleep... frayed tho i might be, but as frayedness becomes me and i shall go meet ryan at the giant white dick that's in some plaatz in about 4 hrs in the meanwhile of which i shall stagger around humouristically cause i always get very humouristical when i don't sleep for a while. then, according to many emails sent by ryan, they will pick me up at the dick and take me to nijmegen. where there is some sorta artmusicwhatever do tonight at which i shall do like a horsie and sleep standing up.

i itch. something bit me a whole lot around my left knee.

now i scratch.

at this net cafe thingie, you guys should see this place, it has *600* pc's in many rows, almost all occupied, all kindsa people. 2.50 guilder for an hour and a half. it's great. i love amsterdam.


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