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From: Steve (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 09:25:46 PDT

Me, too.

I haven't bought a boat either, but I envy you your fun now, K! What kind of
boat is it?

e. you make a difference

The most effective people accept that they cannot be a solution. Making a
difference is what they concentrate on. It's like climbing up a ladder on a
fire tower. If you look down at the whole world below instead of just
climbing, it fells you. If you look at your hands, moving steadily, without
taking in the whole impossibility of height, just there, your immediate
relation to what is in front of you, your tendency is upward. As you tend
upward, people follow. There is no solution. But you do have hands and they
are free to move one rung every moment.

I know that this sounds like abstract words in relation to real people, in
trouble, you know, you've met, you love, right now, who are not abstract.
Philosophy instead of something real.

But depression is a philosophy. Disguised as sorrow.

Real sorrow is just a feeling. Not an expectation or a conclusion of

You helped people. Them, us, you. That's something real. That's movement
upwards. We get that hope from you when we see you climb.

You need to be told what you look like to others. What we see in you.
Because you don't realize how effective you are. Moment by moment.

> me too, not bought boat but checking in.
> am kinda depressed, actually
> still having trouble with allthathappened in romania.
> you know, the what-to-do, what-to-do kinda depression.
> hope i get over it a bit, soon.
> -e

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