From: ef (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 21:53:32 PDT


worriedly sheeting fatamysticallities...
oh the hours of chinless wondergropings,
the again begoings,
helloed to the snootsniff winda.
daring athrobb, fulla fevrish,
beckoned to noonish thrysts... zo-far-zoogoodie amen.
to the fast-trance gorgongoing, then... no! fastest!... ere into the
sty skinpucker fumble.

to the s'il vous plaid then, to the s'il se platre, to the s'il s'en
feutre en s'il vair ado!... oh gimme runs, gimme gummy eye, thou
forky devils with the chromish glints.

and when you flap like not? fat slinkish slipped and pinchykneed? ... well,
cluckandpluck then my soothie,
smoothmach the pop.
tongue a dew drink at the thunkthank then if only for...
for the chirpy caramel coloured sherpacorpsies to cringe on down the hatch.
that sure was one helpy day o'boyo,
uncuffing them sausages,
at pronto.

-sipping and dripping, sipping and dripping, wincingly tripping over
some boilish cormussel...
as if, my dear,
as if to imagine smarming down the avenue makes it feel, makes it
feel all filmie,
like spring is, you know,
cuttingly stark.
as if, as if... to qwell horreur...

but do have it all... have all the accrudites: feedbag hotel, dish, dirt,
i afforebore of all the luscious laminary lim-lamb that cheeses froth
bless yon litterate efflorience on smother pretty blankows.
you see
me, these days,
i do know how to stink


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