Re: into finn air

From: frank (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 01:45:54 PST

      thank you....i didn't know i'd sent that to fishbreath tho it seems i wld
have (some time ago maybe? i revised it last summer, maybe sent it again
then?).....i don't know why the formatting problem.....things i send out
generally look fine on my own screen, and also in my sent-mail folder (is
it a "folder"?)...(well, usually they also look fine there)....but then
when i see them as they appear on some list yes, i too am amazed by the
seeming chaotic transformation, transmogrification....what does this
mean? i must get someone to show me, teach me (how) to fix this problem?
maybe thee is no way to fix it? (sort of like death?).... it's true i
hate all machines (like william blake considering them to be literally a
kind of evil force, instruments of the devil in our time, thus 1 theory
is that machines pick up the vibes of my own hatred and strike back) and
occasionally smash the shit out of other people's computers with a
baseball bat in the course of late night rampages thru the city....yes,
still in taipei......(i was once briefly in budapest, very nice, and as
usual bought a book for "beginning hungarian" but of course quickly gave
up).....hope all well, fws

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