Re: i need some help

From: ef (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 11:09:17 PST

>I don't ever have much money, but I will give what I can. I mean: if a
>little bit really does help, cuz a little bit is all I ever have, and
>giving means less. Giving just a tiny bit, I mean. But you didn't say
>how to do that, e. And I wanna help you help them.

thanks, canela.

and canela, i too only have a little bit. but all the little bits i
manage to gather gathers into a bit that's a little bit bigger.

so i really really appriciate all little bits. no matter what size of
a bit it is.

tell me the bit, and then hang on to it for now. on wednesday i will
know what happens. and then what i will do is to gather all the
little bits together, and then either wire it there (to probably
zoli's name) and then he will try to rent them a place with it.
wiring stuff only takes an hour... on the other hand, if i do a bank
transfer it takes 4 days, i mean i can put it into the account where
the food money goes. but then the reverend noemi has to be the one to
withdraw it. so i'll take zoli's lead on this. as to the wisest
course of action.

probably what i will do is say, you can afford 5 bucks or something.
i will then, when i know, put that in on your behalf, into the
bitbucket, haha. and when i send the bitbucket, i'll put it on my
credit card. and then you can send me your bit and i'll pay it back
to the creditcard. this is how we did the Geek Rescue. worked real

i am thinking, wiring. since this is a one-time thing... (the food
thing is ongoing but we have that covered). but we cannot afford to
keep renting them the place, this will be a jumpstart only, hopefully
enough for 2 months. zoli says he will make an effort to help mihaly
find a job so after that he can keep it up himself. cause i know it
is not good to get people dependent on you... one has to try to help
in a way that allows people to help themselves.


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