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Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 13:40:56 PST

I will help out some and if you put the pictures up on the website I will
encourage my many well-meaning students to contribute also.

There was a line in a poem by Carolyn Forche that I read recently and it

There is nothing that one man [sic] will not do to another.

And we can add:

There is nothing that one man [sic] will not do for another.

(I expect one of these to be the beginnings of a JY rumination, hey John?)

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> >I don't ever have much money, but I will give what I can. I mean: if a
> >little bit really does help, cuz a little bit is all I ever have, and
> >giving means less. Giving just a tiny bit, I mean. But you didn't say
> >how to do that, e. And I wanna help you help them.
> thanks, canela.
> and canela, i too only have a little bit. but all the little bits i
> manage to gather gathers into a bit that's a little bit bigger.
> so i really really appriciate all little bits. no matter what size of
> a bit it is.
> tell me the bit, and then hang on to it for now. on wednesday i will
> know what happens. and then what i will do is to gather all the
> little bits together, and then either wire it there (to probably
> zoli's name) and then he will try to rent them a place with it.
> wiring stuff only takes an hour... on the other hand, if i do a bank
> transfer it takes 4 days, i mean i can put it into the account where
> the food money goes. but then the reverend noemi has to be the one to
> withdraw it. so i'll take zoli's lead on this. as to the wisest
> course of action.
> probably what i will do is say, you can afford 5 bucks or something.
> i will then, when i know, put that in on your behalf, into the
> bitbucket, haha. and when i send the bitbucket, i'll put it on my
> credit card. and then you can send me your bit and i'll pay it back
> to the creditcard. this is how we did the Geek Rescue. worked real
> good.
> i am thinking, wiring. since this is a one-time thing... (the food
> thing is ongoing but we have that covered). but we cannot afford to
> keep renting them the place, this will be a jumpstart only, hopefully
> enough for 2 months. zoli says he will make an effort to help mihaly
> find a job so after that he can keep it up himself. cause i know it
> is not good to get people dependent on you... one has to try to help
> in a way that allows people to help themselves.
> -e

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