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From: ef (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 18:00:29 PST

oke, i made a site about all this:

and i also set up a bank account... this is the info for deposits:

account: 00380 0033782
code: 00380
       Broadway & Ontario
       Vancouver, B.C.

the bank address (in case they ask):
       Broadway at Ontario Streeet
       1 West Broadway
       Vancouver, B.C.
       V5Y 1P1

the latest i know is that zoli's boss refused to give him the day off
tomorrow so he can't go to court with them. but he thinks an
acquaintance of his who lives in vasarhely will go in his stead.
unfortunately this person is some kind of christian fanatic
(westminster reformed or something) but according to zoli, except for
being given to raving about bibles and such he is a good guy.

i called the family to tell them this. the father was drunk. they are
petrified that they will get 48 hrs to leave the premises. i told
them to insist on a 2 week delay for the hearing so we can find them
a lawyer. i will know tomorrow what happened.

unfortunately, chances are they will indeed be evicted, a lawyer
might only gain them some time. but in the meanwhile maybe we can
find them another place to live. melinda has already applied to the
city but the waiting list for places to live is 3 years long.

yesterday, iren, the mother of the family with the phone... they are
the only ones with such a luxury... had a heart attack and is now in
the hospital. so now her 18 yr old daughter will go to the hearing in
her stead. iren's husband is away in hungary, working.

so we wait. until tomorrow.


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