From: ef (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 21:30:42 PST

went to court this morning and managed to get an extension until dec
13. which is a good thing... now we have time to try to find them a
lawyer... with which there is still a slim chance cause they can
perhaps plead ignorance... that they are illiterate and had no idea
what they were signing.

well, it something to try so we shall try that.

iren is out of the hospital now and asked me if i could send her some
heart medicine. this might prove difficult as i have no idea what she
needs. well, i'll ask her to find out from the hospital and to get
them to write it down. and then perhaps zoli could get the piece of
paper from her and then perhaps i can talk my doctor into helping...
fuck, i dunno... how the hell do you get medicine to someone in
another country?? any ideas?

yah, this is all kinda overwhelming

yesterday i met this woman i did an artist residency with about 6 or
7 yrs ago... it was in montreal, they kinda imported me to do some
text/music type shit with genevieve who lives there... that's her
name, genevieve... she is a good writer, albeit in french... we kinda
did some interesting english/french stuff, translating backandforth,

we were laughing about it yesterday... cause as good as the two weeks
of the residency itself were, my beeeeeg performance at the end of it
all was even better, ah, performance-wise. see, before it started, i
happened to amble down the corridor from the gallery... cause i
bluesguy friendamine had a little soundstudio there... and so he lit
up a joint in which i enthusiasticly partook... not realizing that it
was some deadlystrong shit... and by the time i stumbled back into
the gallery i was so fucking zoned that i could barely remember my
name... hahaha... kept fucking up with the keyboard too so that wrong
tracks would play... and the audience, it was during a time in my
life in which for some reason real crazy people would fixate on me...
i told genevieve this but she didn't believe me... and lo and behold,
while i am fumbling around, trying to get the keyboard to work and
forgetting the words... feeling like an idiot... a guy starts raving
iforgetwhat way from the back of the gallery... yikes, it was one of
my loonies all the way from vancouver... in for visit.

afterwards, some folks concernedly asked genevieve whether i was a
heroin addict

heh... i remembered all this when i saw genevieve last night :-)


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