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Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 16:14:07 PST

yeah, i know... banktransfers costs a fucking fortune... i know that
casue when i first banktransferred the money-for-food thing to the
woman who gives it to them it cost 1/3 of what i had to send. fucking
pissed me off. tho here, it costs less than for you guys... $27. but
the next time i did it, i had a bit more money to transfer, so then
it was still 27 bucks... which means it's that every time.

for zoli, i collected the money from the people who contributed to
that particular project and wired it to him. i had collected 660
canadian. and it costs, if i remember it correctly, about 60 to send.
but we had to wire it cause it was an emergency. and wiring is
expensive, it's a percentage or something of what you send.

i think for the present situation, i will use a combination of the
two... zoli says he can get a day off work on wednesday and then he
will travel to vasarhely... i will wire him enough to take the train
so he doesn't have to hitchike and enough to seek-and-hire a lawyer.
then i will pay the lawyer with a banktransfer.

he will also go see iren, and i'll try to figure out what to do about
the medicine. also, i will ask him to talk to noemi, check out the
situation with the teaching stuff, and see if we need to transfer
more money for food. and i will ask him to check and see if they have
warm clothes.

the one thing i cannot do is to send money directly to the parents...
cause i don't quite trust them with cash. and that is a sad fact,

sure you can send me a check and i will deposit it into the account.

ef Fischer
101 E.7th Ave, #308
Vancouver, B.C.
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