Re: Europe's Beggars, Romania's Roma

From: ef (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 09:17:04 PST


it is interesting... but you know, this article... this is akin to
saying, all blacks live in ghettos.

even with the quotation marks the author of the article uses, i
suppose, to denote his ironic detachment from what is being said by
the officials he talked to... even with that. were this article have
appeared in an american magazine - substituting any other
economically disenfranchized american minority for "roma" - what
would the reaction have been, you think. an article of this kind can
only have appeared in a european journal.

yes, there are many romanian roma beggars. but i do not see any
mention of the romanian roma migrants who are *not* beggars, who have
lost their jobs in romania - they were the first to lose their jobs
due to the ah, economic restructuring of romania - and thus are
forced to try to get to another country, in an attempt to find work
in order to support their families back home.

so that bugs me. but then again, i am *such* an extremist... grrr

some of the other articles are quite good tho... i liked the
interview with ilona varga... anyways, i sure am looking forward to
reading the whole interview with her in that guy's e-book. she is


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