Re: gimme some advice

From: Canela (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 16:20:36 PST

> gimme some advice

Sounds to me like you're talking yourself into it, so I think you *want*
to go, and that's not a bad thing. So go.

Also, saving the airfare for "better purposes" is one way to look at it;
another is that you're in a better position to recoup that amount of
money and do both things -- go and also get things done from Canada,
when you return -- than are your friends.

That's my thinking. But only from what you've written, see.


> a goodperson of my acquaintance donated some money into the ah,
> cause... you know, my obsession... well, i guess i have made it (some
> of)you guyses obsession too... enough so that i can go back and try
> to do stuff, and do stuff with. help ya know. like get them a lawyer,
> for eg.
> i sure could use some advice as to how to use this best. for example,
> should *i* go there and do it myself or should i continue to use
> zoli. on one hand, if i go there it will use up about 1000 for
> airfare... but then i can also take things, like warm clothing i can
> collect here, and the computer i got for zoli - i did a website in a
> trade for that - along. seeing as it is incredibly expensive to mail
> things there, and the computer impossible unless someone takes it
> along.
> also, i am afraid of zoli suffering grief from his employer if he
> keeps taking days off. jobs are hard to find. and he is starting to
> be a bit burned out, working 2 shifts a day, and then trying to deal
> with stuff in vasarhely.
> if i go, then i can look around myself, and distribute where needed.
> there are people also, that need. and if i am there, i can teach
> those kids a lot of things... you know, open the window a bit. also,
> i could try to find that syrian doctor who helps streetkids and offer
> a bit of help there too.
> and thirdly, money corrupts. i might have to pay larger amounts, like
> for the lawyer, as you know. can zoli handle that, when he is so
> broke himself... tho i am also trying to help him. corruption, tho i
> think myself immune, i am not so sure about zoli... and i would just
> as soon he not have to face that part of himself. he is too young and
> too vulnerable. and too much in need himself.
> on the other hand, if i don't go myself, that airfare money can very
> much serve much better purpose. it can go a long way, over there.
> and maybe my wanting to go is nothing but self-indulgence. ohyouknow,
> cause it makes me feel good to see people happy, or that i am
> suffering from a hitherto unexperienced surge of maternality, haha.
> both of which are kinda selfish.
> so gimme advice, oh wiser ones than me
> -e

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