Re: gimme some advice

From: ef (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 00:49:07 PST

>Sounds to me like you're talking yourself into it, so I think you *want*
>to go, and that's not a bad thing. So go.

yeah... that's probably the best way

>Also, saving the airfare for "better purposes" is one way to look at it;
>another is that you're in a better position to recoup that amount of
>money and do both things -- go and also get things done from Canada,
>when you return -- than are your friends.
>That's my thinking. But only from what you've written, see.

no you are right. but i won't make it for their court date which is
on the 13th. cause i have to get organized... so i have to rely on
zoli for that

then find a ticket... obtain warm clothing to wear, winters are
fucking cold there... arrange for a place to stay once i get there...
collect stuff to take to them... a lotta stuff to do... urgle.

and i can't really start all this till after the 8th as i am supposed
to sing at a concert and i know it will be hard to think until that
is over.

but yeah... maybe i'll go back and be santaclausette, haha...


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