Re: gimme some advice

From: ef (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 23:57:00 PST

> >
>>> and maybe
>>> some birthcontrol pills for melinda. she wants and needs some
>>> birthcontrol... but i am not sure if pills are a good idea, she is
>>> illiterate, can't count. maybe i can arrange for an iud, i don't
>>> know. i can pay for a doctor and that.
>> diaphragm, ef. cheaper. just as reliable when used correctly. how
>> tall is melinda? small, medium, big boned?
>> ~k
>True, Karry. Or the sponge. Also, the IUD isn't safe. Not at all.
>There's gotta be another way.

i am not convinced that she would or could learn how to correctly use
a diaphragm. and sponges are not available anywhere there.

the absolute best thing for her would be a tubal ligation. and were
it not for the fact that she would be in the hospital for days (they
don't have the new techniques that make it an outpatient thing here)
she would do it too. and her husband agrees that it would be a good
thing but for that fact. cause if she was in the hospital who would
take care of the kids. (don't say it, i know... but it's unusual for
a gypsy man to agree to such a thing so i can't really push it).


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