Re: Fw: Roumania: Nazis threaten to take Power on Pseudo-anticapitalist Ticket

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Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 00:09:50 PST

yah, i know. i've been following the election there. zoli is pretty
freaked out cause in the run-off election he says he will be forced
to vote for the ex-communist candidate who is corrupt as fuck and
also is racist besides... but not as bad as this asshole tudor.

talk about the lesser of two evils... you americans got nothing on them, huh


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>Pseudo-anticapitalist Ticket
>> Roumania: Nazis threaten to take Power on Pseudo-anticapitalist Ticket
>> The Roumanian fascists have become powerful by courting workers and
>> pretending to oppose the policies of the IMF. In reality their programme is
>> dictatorship and death.
>> The PRM (Greater Roumania Party) , which preaches violent hatred against the
>> Jewish and Hungarian minorities, has called for putting Roma people into
>> "concentration camps", and is committed to a "dictatorship of the law" , has
>> come second in the first round of presidential elections and in legislative
>> elections.
>> From only 4.5% at the last elections in 1996, the fascists have increased
>> their vote to a shocking 28.8%, according to figures published by AFP on 28
>> November. There will now be a run-off for the presidency between fascist
>> leader Tudor and former president Ion Iliescu on 10 December 2000.
>> Those in the international labour movement who thought it was a good idea to
>> support the trade union leader Miron Cosma, even after he became
>> vice-president of the fascist PRM, rather than supporting opposition to him
>> within the miners union, may now see their treachery paid off in
>>the blood of
>> Black people, Jews, Hungarians and other minorities, the destruction of the
>> Roumanian trade unions, and the establishment of a political landmark for
>> neo-nazis around the world.
>> Lisa Taylor
>> 30 November 2000

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