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From: ef (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 09:06:57 PST

> >and her husband agrees that it would be a good
>> thing but for that fact. cause if she was in the hospital who would
>> take care of the kids. (don't say it, i know... but it's unusual for
>> a gypsy man to agree to such a thing so i can't really push it).
>wow, he must be a pretty frustrating person to deal with. he wants no more
>kids yet he won't allow his wife to grab a couple of days away from them so
>she can prevent any more pregnancies.
>i'm sorry, e, but he sounds like a fucking asswipe.

sure, by our cultural standards he is. but we mustn't try to impose
that... we have to take into consideration *his* culture. and by his
cultural standards the guy is, well, fucking progressive!

as i said, most gypsy men would never allow their wives to even
consider such a thing as birth control.

and we are talking of nine children, 3 of whom are essentially
babies. he diesn't know how to take care of them.

and canela... me take care of them? no. i can't. i could possibly
help with the older kids, had i an appartment there i could take them
home with me i guess... but i don't have an appartment there, i will
probably have a room (maybe) or maybe just a couch in someone else's
place. and whereever that will be, i can assure you that the persons
who live there would not accede to 4 gypsy children coming for a few
days. i know my hungarians well. <spit>

you know, something else happened while i was there, that involves
that hungarian family i was staying with... i never wrote about it
cause it was too fucking painful. but i will write about it soon.

anyways... where were we... yah, taking of the kids. well, even if i
*could* figure out where to take the older ones, yeah, if there were
no problem with taking care of the older ones... that still leaves 5
more little ones. and i don't have the first idea about taking care
of babies. my ahm, newfound maternal inclinations do not go that far.

oke, so now you will ask, why don't i just stay at their place. hah.
cause it is one room. everyone sleeps there, on two beds. and cause
it is infested with fleas. cause everytime i visit i come home
covered in bites, being very sensitive to that kinda stuff.i fucking
itched for three weeks solid. i fully expect to itch again... but i
couldn't stand it to that extent.

nope. there are limits... and tho mine are few, that is one of them.


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