Re: gimme some advice

From: Canela (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 09:15:04 PST

> i am not convinced that she would or could learn how to correctly use
> a diaphragm. and sponges are not available anywhere there.
> the absolute best thing for her would be a tubal ligation. and were
> it not for the fact that she would be in the hospital for days (they
> don't have the new techniques that make it an outpatient thing here)
> she would do it too. and her husband agrees that it would be a good
> thing but for that fact. cause if she was in the hospital who would
> take care of the kids. (don't say it, i know... but it's unusual for
> a gypsy man to agree to such a thing so i can't really push it).
> -e

I thought about mentioning a tubal ligation. In fact, I think I typed
it, then erased it. Because I started thinking about the forced
sterilization of "minority" women. Used to be routine, in the U.S.
Getting Spanish-speaking women to sign "consent" forms in English,
and/or while under anaesthesia. And Black girls. Didn't stop until some
teenagers -- Black -- were sterilized, and a big political scandal
stirred up.

So I didn't know whether she wanted no more children. Or that kind of
change to her body.

Okay, but, if she *does* want it, then maybe you can stay with the
kidlets while you're there, so she can go to the hospital. Maybe that
would work.


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