Re: gimme some advice

From: ef (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 15:00:20 PST

> > do you know a big city termfor
>> what's modern and up to date as good as "just fell off the turnip
>> truck" for people who figger all others with ideas not congruent to
>> what's really up to date in kansas city are asswipes?
>huh? i read this like 14 times. the only way it made any sense is when i
>read it really fast. and then it only made sense for a millisecond, like a
>little blip on the radar and then poof, no make sense again

hahaha... my reaction exactly

>and that is my gut reaction. and the previous was my gut reaction to e's
>email about this poor woman who can't get her tubes tied because her husband
>won't let somebody else take care of his kids for a few days.

nonono... don't get that wrong. the problem is that there *is* no one
else to take care of them kids. well, except got himself. and he
can't handle it. oke, i know that he *should* be able to handle it...
and were he a male person of our ahm, immediate acquanintance he
would be, ah, handling it.

but he ain't. and things being as they are, he can't.

>and i don't know any big city terms to throw at you, hugh, except for the
>stuff i read in the music magazines. and by the time your little novel is
>published, those words will all be outta style, see?

"just fell off the turnip truck" still works for me, big city gal that i am


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