RE: meanwhile, in a rich country2

From: lexie (
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 07:14:57 PST

i'm going back to australia tomorrow to visit. the annual
pilgrimmage. it is a strange country. maybe you've never been there,
so you wouldn't understand the australian sense of humour. we
australians tend to be very ironic. some people think it is
offensive. that is because they have never been to australia and
learnt the subtleties of its language. it has a very old
civilization. there were many countries in australia once, and
between them a lot of trading went on. some times there were wars.
the people living out of the different countries couldn't understand
each other's language if they lived too far from each other.
nowadays, there aren't as many languages left, and that's because
there is only one country under the law. it still doesn't matter that
they all speak a version of the same language though, i mean, some of
them still can't understand each other. the problem is that they all
want to live out of the same country, but the country is not the same
to the different people. the lot who came before the last lot came
from europe mainly. they had a work ethic which involved making
profit over a living.

australian motto:
if it moves, shoot it.
if it doesn't, chop it down.

obviously, repeated by someone who does not hold such views.
but who believes there exist, has met, those who do.
but who would not put it that way.

and so on and so forth.

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