vote tomorrow

From: ef (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 12:14:28 PST

zoli says that if tudor wins i mustn't come cause it will be too
dangerous for me.

the vote is tomorrow.

i am to pay for my ticket monday.

the dog has been puking for three days.

other than that, i spend hours everyday on irc with zoli... trying to
figure out how to best go about doing what needs to be done. he lives
there, so i accept his advice, i am older, so he accepts mine. this
way we try to curb our cultural excesses. still, it is very difficult
to figure things out.

he went to vasarhely again, had talks with the reverend noemi...
woman entrusted with teaching the children and the food thing... and
also a long talk with gyula bacsi, the grandfather. well, the
teaching-food thing, that is not going well at all. she is not
teaching the children, has all kinds of excuses for it. but at least
she is still doing the food. so that's something.

she doesn't like them, they are just gypsies to her. typical
hungarian racist shit, covered over with the puke of "christian
duty". plus, she has now accused the children of going into her
church late at night, to her, to steal. gyula bacsi says that is out
of the question. there is no way this happened.

myself, i don't know if anything happened. there are so many
scenarios. i am exploring them all.

1.) the children were in fact there. in that case:

a. out of curiosity. to look. children do that. they wander around
and look. to see what's there.

b. because their mother/father sent them to look. also possible.
their parents have a great deal of influence on them. not always the
best influence. but poverty makes for desperation and they don't
always make the best decisions. more on this later, i have been
thinking about it.

2.) the children were never there.

a. noemi is lying. in order to get out of her promise that she will
teach them. and she definitely thinks gypsies all steal. it's what
one would call you know, bigotry. common hungarian affliction. she is
perhaps counting on me veing similarly afflicted.

b. she is merely mistaken. out of paranoia. again, that all gypsies steal.

but you know, even *if* the children, or *someone* was there. nothing
was taken.

gyula bacsi...anyways, zoli talked to gyula bacsi and gyula bacsi
said, that is impossible. the children are not allowed out at night,
period. and then he said, bitterly sneering: all priest should be
strung up by their tongues.

heh, i love gyula bacsi... tho sometimes i know he is torn and does
not neccessarily tell me the ah, whole truth... but that is
understood, family means more. however, in this case, i believe him.
i too have never known the children to have been allowed out at night.

anyways, the dog's about to puke again so i gotta go. more on this
later, i mean the stuff i am thinking about and possible ways of
proceeding when i get there. all advice considered, of course. see
me, i am so... you know, unrealistic or something.


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