From: ef (ef@somewhere.net)
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 10:32:03 PST

i am adding lora to the list. she is my ex-room-mate, and she will be
staying here while i am gone. to take care of the dog, and also i
will be adding her name to the bank account with the money in it, so
that she can act as my liason and be able to wire me money when i
need it. the assistant manager at my bank is a very nice woman and is
aware of what is happening... she will help lora. this is very
important cause i don't want to travel with too much money there...
it would be dangerous, there are many desperate people.

so i am adding lora to the list. but also because lora is a very good
writer... and kinda a unique person. extremely sensitive, lora is,
sometimes too much so... sometimes i fear for her... but then that is
all part of the "it", for her, her transparency. that is her writing.

you know, you guys... we are doing something kinda unique here.
writing this story.


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