Re: the pissing wars

From: Canela (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 21:23:24 PST

Well, you have my support. What kind of advice do you need? I can't find
the question.

I'm really, really good at packing, though. So I can tell you that
rolling things is easier than folding. If you roll things up, they take
less room, and don't wrinkle so much.

About paying to piss, I'd say pack tp and squat somewhere. Also, wear
squattable clothing.


> yaya, still here... leaving tomorrow afternoon. i'm kinda scared
> actually so gimme some good advice, oke? the support of you guys in
> this ah, endeavor is really important to me. really.
> so i have been packing like mad... too many kidclothes and now i have
> no room for anything of my own... wonder how my hungarian friends are
> gonna feel as i get smellier and smellier... oke, so i *think* i can
> stuff in a change of underwear... and i *must* stuff in my flannel
> pj's with the fishermen+fish on it. i simply must. also, another pair
> of pants would be nice, with another sweater or two. and the long
> undies i got yesterday. and a lipstick.
> newyearseve i think want to spend in budapest... i talked to kinga,
> the-goddess-who-arrangeth-the-impossible... she says the gov't
> decided to spend even more money on newyears than that there
> millenium celebrations i think i described. now, she says, there will
> be 5 or 6 different fireworksetoff sites, mondo parliament
> illuminations, and every superannuated hungarian rockstar is playing
> on a different streetcorner. so i figure, a ridiculousness of this
> magnitude i do deserve to experience.
> when i arrive, i will spend 3-7 days in budapest, depending on when i
> can find a ride up to transylvania. since i have all this baggage, i
> might encounter grief on the bus... but if there is no ride, bus it
> will be. 12 hrs of it. 3 hours at the border, while the guards
> studiously examine ones canadian passport back and front only to
> occasionally glance up at glare at you with utter hatred. then they
> charge you $32 for a visa.
> then off to the horrid gas station where you have to pay to piss. and
> get glared at some more.
> there is a pissing war going on at the border. since the gas station
> on the romanian side is charging the bus riders to piss, the
> hungarian gas station on the hungarian side has also decided to
> charge. the hostilites... shall i call it the pissing match... only
> hurt the bus riders who are mostly guest workers,
> romanian-hungarians, in fact, working in hungary. so they go back and
> forth, pissing their cash away.
> -e

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