bad news

From: ef (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 06:45:02 PST

just talked to gyula bacsi, they had the hearing, they are
effectively evicted, the eviction notice will be posted on the 18th,
i don't know if there is a period of grace or if they have to leave
right away. the fucking lawyer never showed up to the hearing, he
said, after looking at the papers, that there is nothing he can do,
that the lease they signed is so devised that they could not possibly
fight it.

fuck fuck fuck.

gyula bacsi thinks that they can launch an appeal if it's done before
the 18th. myself, i now doubt whether that will do any good, but i am
trying to get in touch with the lawyer anyways.

this of course, means that i will be going there right away, no fun
threefour days in budapest.

i am their only hope, ya know. no one else gives a shit. ain't
humanity wonderful. scuse me while i shed a few tears.


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