From: ef (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 16:06:55 PST

i'm in budapest... this is a real crappy keyboard so i won't write much. waited in amsterdam for 6 hours so me and the hungarian i happened to know on the plane... wheee, a person to talk to... went to a cafe and smoked a giant hash spliff. it was relaxing, they were playing excellent dub too.

so now i am here, zoli didn't have the money to take the bus here from romania so now he is going to hitchhike. wherein lies the danger that they won't let him across the border at all with no cash to show.

the eviction notice will be posted on monday... i somehow gotta get a lawyer to them tomorrow!! fuck! how am i gonna do that??

i gotta think... i gotta think

oke, i gotta sleep too. and then start calling people tomorrow.


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