Re: toys

From: Scott (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 18:21:47 PST

>the other kids are little and i do not relate easily to little kids.


Not something jesus would say. So, after these months, a differentiator
between you two...have you been able to keep yourself cranky and disrespectable
through all this? How about smoking and cussing and stuff, did you shed
anything like that? Is this all like stripping awkwardly while you run
to the edge of the water, or is it like getting thrown in with shit in
your pockets?

I was whining to ~k on a horrible day recently about how all these amazing
american dollars are being poured out for conservation and local music
nowadays at this non-profitish restaurant/club I run. Told her I could've
fed villages instead of teetering another month to cater to white people
who don't care or don't get it. She agreed rudely. I had wanted the lie
that mingles scenes of our open mic with those of skinny children eating

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