From: ef (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 07:39:18 PST

today, it was meli day. every day i try to take a kid and make it his day... they get to hang out with me and well, eat lots, mainly. so today, it was melinda day, mother's day, haha.

first, we bought some fleaspray, so as i can once again sit down in their place, fleas having so innundated me that i can no longer sleep. than's kinda serious, i need to run around a lot in the daytime. so, anyways, first the antifleashit.

then, we went to a neighbourhood clinic to arrange for a family doctor for the kids, and a gynecologist for meli. the gynecologist is a big event, and luckily he was a kind old man who did not seek to humiliate her for having had too many kids. instead, we now have an appointment tomorrow for the insertion of an i.u.d., bought and paid for by us. birthcontrol! wheeee!

the family doctor thing will take longer, we need to get all kindsa bullshit documents to prove their poverty, har. getting on that too, tommorrow. the kids have never seen a doctor.

janoska slept in my room the other night, me at the head, him at the foot of the bed. he held onto my foot all night.

in the morning, they transferred me into a smaller room. the hotel does not like me bringing these children home with me. so i am fervently hoping to totally infest them with fleas

melinda is thinking to give the littlest kid, 6 months old, into foster care. she simply cannot take care of her at this point. now with two others in diapers still. maybe in a few months she can. i suggested it. i knew she wanted to do that but was too ashamed to tell me.


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