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Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 08:16:44 PST

thanks for the concern, canela and i am happy to report that i am much better and (ohbestillmybeatingheart) maybe i got the bugs outta my hair that is i spent last night en graise so-to-speak or better yet, en-guck, with some romanian crap schmeared all over my head and then this morning i did find one lonely deadflea on my pillow and also a maybe-deadflea-but-could-be-just-dirt, and then i washed the goo out, again, gawd, i have now been steadily washing my fucking hair for weeks it seems - and knowing me and the general state of my hair that is really saying something for perseverance - and it is the cleanest it has ever been ever period and man am i ever sick of washing the fucking thing as it has kept growing past any reasonableness as to length. usually i don't even bother brushing it and here i am with two shiny shiny goddam braids coursing down my chest, how disgusting. maybe i should keep the fleas. but then again maybe i did, i don't know yet. it still itches tho that!
 could be me being neurotic instead of flearotic.

the big news is that the court judgement came today and holyshit, the landlord did what no one expected and went and lost the fucking case!!! the judge said in her judgement that the people were obviously conned by the landlord as they could not read what they had signed!!! so voila, THEY CAN STAY THERE!!!

this all is unheard of in all of romania, an honest judge?? or perhaps the landlord had paid off the wrong one??

in either case, the families are safe for three years cause the new contract they were made to sign is now void and the law of being able to stay there is once again in effect.

in case the landlord decides to appeal, we are putting all papers into safekeeping at the local human rights organization - i went and talked to the director there, his name is istvan haller, nice intense young guy with serious moustache - so even if i am gone by then all the families have to do is to go tell him and he will fight the case.

well. this is where we stand. but now there is another problem.

see, i have already put into effect the little housebuying scheme, and made the deposit the guy selling had asked for. so now, either i do go ahead and buy the place or we lose the deposit. so what to do.

on one hand, it is a good thing to have a bit of security in place in case the worst does happen, and it still could, yes. also, this will alleviate the 12 people living in one room situation, this would be minus 3 people going elsewhere, that is if grandfather and katika move into the little house cause grandfather also said he would take janoska and make sure he gets into a real school next year, that is, if i can help a little bit... his income being app. $7 + whatever he can gather with the tv repair stuff. that is, if i help so they don't starve to death. well, i can try that, can't i?
on the other hand, this whole scheme has brought discord in the family as mihaly and melinda try very hard to have me buy *them* the place... but buy them the place i never shall... they are not always to be trusted and i have not forgotten mihaly-s ahem, selling extravaganzas. and not always for food either.

well, what do you guys advise? it will take all our money as it stands to get the little house a few repairs, and a warm water tank installed. but think, warm water, and inside toilet and a bath! yes it is just a room with a tiny kitchen (also to be repaired) but so much cleaner than where they are now. it will take all that we have, as i said. and then, for school help, food and such, i shall once again go begging which i don't so much anymore mind... arrrgh, having gotten used to it... but *you* might mind. oh the bathos... huh.

or, i could simply tell the guy with the house that we have changed out mind, leave the rest of the cash with noemi to use as she sees fit for the food handouts, finich what i am doing (i am still in the middle of making them get all the paperwork together for the acquisition of a doctor, the fumigation, etc) and well, go home. and get a life.

what do you think i should do? it's your money too.


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