back in budapest

From: ef (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 09:54:07 PST

i am now back in budapest... the fleas are gone and we are still working on the fucking lice... i sport various ablutions

have a lot of conflicting emotions... especially about the way the parents blackmail me with the happiness of the children... worked too... though i was very aware of why i let myself be manipulated that way. the little cracks or handholds that i offer to the children... things to keep, those... they are important enough... that i must swallow hard and allow what i would normally never allow.

still thinking hard. things happened, before i left.

well, this computer, here at lajos-the-hungarians, truly sucks. especially since zoli was here and ahem, fixed it. did i tell you i took zoli out to a restaurant and he was too
embarrassed to eat. see, he had never been to a restaurant. at home they can never afford such things... not even this cheap hungarian eatery. often they starve cause they give whatever food there is to their kid. zoli said:

i have to tell you this cause i have to... if it comes to my kid, i will do whatever, lie cheat steal, from whomever. from whomever, he said. if it comes to my kid eating or not, i will do all that. i want you to know, to understand. do you understand?

yes, i said. i do.


embarrassed to eat

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