RE: back in budapest

From: John (
Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 06:37:50 PST

Zoli did use the rhetoric of addiction in proclaiming what
he would do to satisfy desire, but this is churlish to compare
kids to drugs, or sex, or food, or money, or ambition, or body
shaping, or intellectual prowess, or faith in one's gritty
determination to overcome sloth-rich addiction.

I've enjoyed giving in to all those interchangeable temptations
and more I'll not admit here, being pretty sure somebody will
twist the truth for dramatic skyhooking to off the wall pointmaking.

Just a day ago I growled to a twenty-something, you know, I often
warned my son that, and he blanked his face just as you did now,
what is it with you youngsters, don't you know there's a little
truth, maybe not much, in your old daddy's wisdom, I was
once young too, and hated to hear dad bark grow up, listen,
I'm sorry, erase that, want more wine, wait a minute, please
talk to me, as he twisted away, sobbed I miss you.

My wife saw what was happening and breast-led the youngster
to house him safely with his age ghetto, came back, akimboed
elbows spat you're pathetic, nostalgicking barking begging
crying wont buy your trickstering a heart-thrill.

After midnight on cable a daughter danced naked on a
show for longing, a son then peeled to exhibit his body,
the two of them smiled at daddy blank.

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