From: ef (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 18:18:47 PST

jetlag blahs, sleep and getup at the oddest hours also eating like
crazy but still in the throes of darkchocolate too, to which i seem
to have developed a fatalattraction in romania, oke so maybe fatal is
a wrongword here, but ofcourse the chocolate i got in frankfurt does
not even come close to dear now forever departured me romanian heidi
chocolate not to mention the rickymartin chocolate i there found and
purchased excitedly to be presented to lora to muse upon, that one
being an arty-fact so not to be unwrappedly consumed just nailed to a
wall through the crotch maybe, oke so that sounds crewel, i shoulda
said a chesthair but thems are shaved so you can't see to nail
through can you.

i will think of more things, soon.


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