From: ef (ef@somewhere.net)
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 12:09:56 PST

well fuck... it looks like i have to cut my hair cause the damn lice
keep on coming back... the gift that keeps on gifting... and my hair
is down to my waist so seemingly the goop(s) that i keep gooping
don't reach every single surface of hairdom... cause, as i said, they
keep on coming back. so much for my long braids, snipsnipSHIT... oke,
so i am vain and like the braids, them being so ethnic and all and
now i get to be, ah, ordinary. i hate being ordinary. it's like...
giving up or something. or growing up, i dunno. i don't wanna ever
join the throng. i know, i know... it's stupid and immature and all
them there things but so what. i like me nutty, kinda.

but the lice keep on coming back so i have to cut my hair off. what
should i do? do the non-committal to-the-shoulder thing, or go
wholehog camp concentration?

i will, however, keep on dying it black so there.

fuckshitpiss, damn.


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