Re: damn

From: Juliet (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 19:48:30 PST

Oh gawd, my whole head just started itching. Now it's
kind of hot and tingling. And now tingling and itching
all at once.

Cutting your hair may not solve the problem. Everything
has to be washed and what isn't washed can be put into
plastic bags, sealed up tight, and left for a period
of time (a few weeks, not exactly sure how long) after
which time the lice will be dead, the eggs will have hatched,
and the second generation will be dead as well.

You have my sympathies. Though you will have to do an
intense and time consuming clean up, cutting your
hair may be a drastic and not ultimately useful
course of action.

scratch, scratch, scratch.

Um, my head didn't come into contact with anything at
your place, right? And they don't worm through the floor
boards either, now do they? The thought of a lice shower
from above...

scritch scritch scritch

yours, with a crawling scalp, I hope metaphorically,


>well fuck... it looks like i have to cut my hair cause the damn lice
>keep on coming back... the gift that keeps on gifting... and my hair
>is down to my waist so seemingly the goop(s) that i keep gooping
>don't reach every single surface of hairdom... cause, as i said,
>they keep on coming back.

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