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From: ef (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 23:36:23 PST

got email back from istvan haller... the guy with the nice moustache
i met there. oh yeah, lots of guys sport moustaches there, it's a
thing. anyways, he wrote me back, saying that mihaly should go see
him right away and that he would appeal to the "office for defense of
children"... well, that is what it translates to, "gyermekvedelmi
hivatal". well, that is what it translates to from romanian to
hungarian. cause all the governmental offices are now in romanian,
seeing as they are trying to erase hungarian culture thereabouts, a
once traditionally hungarian part of romania. and as we all know, the
basis for a culture is language. but hey, that's another, ah,
obsession of mine. language.

so he is gonna email me back as soon as he knows anything, this
istvan with the nice moustache.

janoska must be scared shitless. and it is possible he got beaten,
very possible. that's what his father says.

hey... i am thinking... that you guys might be getting sick and tired
of my romanian adventures? if you are, please say so. i don't wanna
bore anyone. and i won'tbe mad or hurt or anything... i know that
everyone's got lives and problems and obsessions of their own... and
this, this road, is... long. and ongoing. and kinda hard. (the fact
that i occasionally trip and fall on my face is for comic relief)


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